FinanceMarch 16, 2022

xP&A in Action: Enhancing FP&A Agility with Supply Chain Planning

With its promises of improved agility, decision making, and collaboration, eXtended planning and analysis (XP&A) sounds good in theory.

But what does it look like in action?

Recently, 埃森哲发现,《js06金沙登录大厅》1000强企业中,94%正面临COVID-19危机造成的重大供应链中断. With tools like real-time scenario planning, 内部利益相关者之间的决策和协作, suppliers, and logistics partners, xP&A might just be the answer.

在这次网络研讨会中,js06金沙登录大厅聚集了来自伊莱克斯、艺康和FP的财务主管&A trends group to discuss how xP&A可以使供应链规划更具弹性.

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